2 B Real Natural Hair Workshop

Well we survived our very first Natural Hair Workshop!  We were a little nervous about taking on something so large but we were able to pull it off successfully!  The planning stage of the workshop was the most time consuming because we wanted to make sure that we were giving our participants valuable information.  It would have been great if we could have polled the guest to see what they were interested in but we couldn’t so we had to come up with workshops that would enlighten, inspire, and provide valuable take aways for our participants.


We had various professionals come in and teach the workshops.  The workshops ranged from hair to dental health.  The professional that taught the ‘When Oral Hygiene goes bad has been in the business of oral health for over twenty years.  She taught the group the importance of having good oral hygiene, what goes awry when we don’t practice goo oral hyperfine, tips on how to select the right products and she gave us handouts to take home with us.  She was truly inspiring to the participants and you could tell she definitely knew how to help you keep your pearly whites intact.


The addition of having a session on Finance was the brainchild of one of the For Real Girl Team Members.  They were instrumental in bringing in a professional Financial Accountant who has his own business.  The session was more of a interactive session and we were given homework after the conclusion of the workshop.  The importance of creating and maintaining a  budget was well received by all and we are still getting great feedback regarding this workshop.


What good is a natural hair workshop if you can’t show off your ability to make your natural hair look brand new.  That is exactly what our Loctician pulled off at the show. She came into the workshop with her hair freshly washed but not styled. She began her speech and gave a brief overview of the locking process while she was styling her hair. She only talked fifteen minutes but everyone was amazed at how her hair was taking shape. She came back after the next presentation and showed us the finished product which was absolutely amazing.



As everyone knows one of the reasons that you attend a Natural Hair workshop is to get hair & product knowledge however actual product samples are always a big hit… So we would like to give a big SHOUT OUT & THANK YOU to all of our companies who sent products for our patrons to enjoy:

CosmoProf – CorneliusMySistah’sKeeperOnline

We are currently planning our next event and we promise that this will be bigger and better than the first one..We can only go up at this point.

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