All Natural Hair is Not Created Equal

I often think back to early in my natural hair journey when I was considered to be “green”  I would look have so many hair crushes along with dreams of having long beautiful curls; not just any curls but perfect curls.  I would spend my money on products that promised beautiful curls and invest my time pouring over video after video on Youtube.  I was looking for the secret to those wonderful curls that i craved.  I would spend any amount of money on that magic potion as long as it gave me the curls that I craved.


I would watch intently as the Vlogger applied product, technique and instruction to her gorgeous hairstyle.  I would jot down every item that she was using, rush out to the store and purchase the bounty with nothing but success envisioned in my head.  I would follow the instructions of the stylist mimicking her movements while completing the process to get the result or look that she showcased on her channel. 


I guess you could imagine my surprise or at least felt my pain when the results that I ended up with was far from what the stylist in the You Tube video was sporting.  I would also venture out to say that some of you may have even experienced a similar plight.  I was floored and the biggest question in my mind was “what did I do wrong”  I should have gotten the same results that the stylist had because I followed her instructions, and I used the same products that she used.  The answer was very simple “we did not have the same hair type, we did not share the same DNA AND all natural hair is not created equal.



It gives me great pleasure to say that you have to get to know our hair on this natural hair journey.  We all have hair crushes and we sometimes tend to want what we don’t have but when it comes to our hair it simply is not an option.  We have to learn our hair and embrace it.  We have to love our hair and give it what it needs.  We have to feed our garden if we want it to thrive and grown.  To put it simply “no one can rock the hair on your head better than you can”!!



 Here are a few things that I learned about natural hair along my hair journey:


ONE – All hair grades are not created equal.


TWO – The textures vary and no two are exactly alike.


THREE – A person can have two or more textures that make up their head of hair.


FOUR:  The length, density and texture of your hair may be different that someone else so your styling results may differ


FIVE – Although you share DNA with your siblings your hair textures will not be the same


SIX – The  natural journey for those who transition  is VERY different from those that may do the big chop.


 SEVEN – All products are not created equal; the products for curly hair may not benefit wavy hair and vice verse.

The best way to find balance in your natural hair journey is to focus on your hair, learn your hair, and create a plan that benefits the hair on your head.


Happy Naturals!

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