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Juicing – What is it good for!!

Juicing…. What is it good for?    I have recently become a fan of juicing.   The juicer that sat idly by in the corner of my living in room in its brightly decorated box was dusted off and brought to…


The Natural Hair Evolution – What Others Are Saying

The natural hair evolution is growing by leaps and bounds!  We are embracing our hair, loving who we are and taking no mind over what others have to say about our luscious kinkiness!  All should be right with the world…

Leroy & Angela

What’s Really Going On…Seriously

This blog will be a serious that I will blog about the changes that are going on with the evolution of natural hair.  The reality that natural hair is more than a fad or a thing that will pass is…


Silver and Gray!!!!!

Did you know that given time everyone will have gray hair in life?  The actual time that your hair begins to gray is determined by genetics.   The fact that your hair is graying is not always related to age because…


How Clean Thou Art

The practice of cleaning your hair or shampooing has been one of great debate in the natural hair arena.  The argument that you should not shampoo because it strips your hair of all of its natural oils is the argument…


Natural Girls Can & Do Workout

I have come to realize that having natural hair is only part of the equation when it comes to walking the Natural Journey.  I am amazed and thrilled at how much I have become aware of the inner workings of…


Tools of TheTrade

The best thing that you can do for your hair is to treat it like a fine piece of fabric when grooming and to treat it like a garden that you are trying to cultivate when it comes to growth….

Easy Do It Yourself Hair Mask

Going Bananas

The bright yellow fruit that you see in the grocery store, you know the one that makes an awesome Banana nut bread…well not only does it make food taste awesome but it is also an awesome treat for your hair.  …