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The natural hair trend is definitely being rewritten by today’s Naturalista’s.  They bring bold styles, flair and yes hair color to the mix of what was typically known as fros and cornrows.  The new take on hair is definitely making a buzz and of course bringing up the question of your bona fide naturalness.  I personally feel that I define my hair and while I respect the greats of natural hair that came before me, at the end of the day I love my hair colored.


P1040668My Henna Red Hair


The reasons to color vary from wanting to cover gray; enhance current color to making a  bold fashion statement.  The reason you color  is not as important as the outcome of the color and health of your hair.   The responsibility to color rests solely on the stylist however the ability to communicate what you want in your hair color service rests solely on you.



Honey Blonde Highlights

 The need to be able to communicate effectively to the colorist will be the difference between getting the dream color you envisioned and being disappointed because you had unrealistic expectations or your hair wasn’t up to par for the service.    There are other factors to consider when going for a color service as well  such as the state of your hair, health, porosity and the presence of gray hair which all determine the outcome of the final color.


Image 2

Bold Blonde color and cut!

Hair Color Categories & Benefits


  • Adds a temporary stain/coat
  • Does not penetrate the cuticle layer
  • Shampoos out
  • No chemical change
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Found in the form of shampoo, gels, rinses, or mousses

Semi Permanent

  • Adds subtle color results
  • Partially penetrates the hair shaft to stain the cuticle layer
  • Fades after each shampoo
  • Pre-mixed
  • No ammonia

 Demi Permanent

  • Enhances natural color
  • Deposits but does not lift
  • Vivid color results
  • Penetrates the shaft
  • Causes little to no damage to the hair


  • Changes natural color by removing pigment & depositing color
  • Remains in the shaft until hair growth occurs
  • Used to cover gray
  • Contain ammonia, oxidative tints and peroxide
  • Dye is trapped within the cortex of the hair

The choice to dye your hair is a personal one but I hope that this article has at least helped you to learn what each option does should you decide that you want to color your hair.Feel free to leave a comment below, email us or follow us! Happy Naturals!



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