Cuttin It Up

Cuttin Up

I have recently come into contact with a few Naturalista’s who have expressed the desire to cut their hair.   The reason for doing so varies from each one that I talked with however their desire to cut their hair is strong.  The mantra from “I don’t know what else to do with my hair to the “I just want something different” song seems to be the most repeated reasoning behind this desire to cut. 


The desire to cut natural hair does take me by surprise given that we have often heard that black hair will not grow or if it does grow it won’t grow very long.  The natural hair movement has proven that this indeed is not the case because black hair does grow long and strong.  I am talking about Naturals who have five, six or ten years in the game wanting to start from scratch again.


The method of cutting natural hair seems to be just as different as the texture of our hair.  There is one method, the Deva Cut (Deva Curl)  who has developed a curly hair cutting system on dry hair.  They believe that each curl is created individually and should be cut that way.  The Ouida curl cutting method features a slicing and carving method.  The stylist that uses this method cuts the hair while moving in a downward motion to slice and goes inside the curl for carving.   The stylist that uses either of these methods must  attend classes or workshops and become certified in whatever method they desire to implement in their shop. There are fans and nemeses of both methods and reviews circulation on the Internet should you want to research them.


The sad reality is that a cut on straight hair will not look as cute on curly hair.  If you are the recipient of a hair cut when your hair is blown out don’t be surprised when that cut doesn’t look the same way once you shampoo your hair and restore your curly hair…because it won’t.  The layered haircut when done using a blunt cutting method on straight hair won’t give your curls a fabulous fall however the DevaCurl waterfall cut will.  The other big cutting mistakes that stylist make with cutting curly hair is to texturize or thin out the hair. The methods could cause puffy hair and loose limp curls when implemented using a blunt cutting method.


The best thing that you can do when contemplating a hair cut is to do your homework.  The client that is knowledgeable about what they want and can communicate that to their stylist is setting the stages for a great hair cut experience.

·      Don’t set unrealistic expectations for your hair and stylist

·      Research the salon and stylist that you want to have cut your hair.

·      Ask them if they have ever cut curly hair

·      Ask them if they cut wet or dry

·      Ask them if they use or know of the Deva Cut or Ouida method (they should)

·      Ask them for photos of curly cuts that they have done (or references)

·      Shampoo your hair and let it air dry before your appointment (don’t use any hair styling products or conditioner)

·      Take a photo of the cut that you want

·      Learn the lingo there is a difference between, trim, dust, and cut.

·      If you don’t like it say so before you leave the chair.

 Happy Naturals,


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