Deva Curl Heaven In Hair Product Review

Let me start off by saying that I am not a stranger to the Deva Curl line but I was a stranger to their methodology.  I recently attended a hair show hosted by Cosmo Prof and Deva Curl put on their In Sink With Deva Curl workshop.  The process and methods that the stylist used on the clients proved to be the key to getting success from the Deva Curl products.

I was amazed at the results that the stylist received from performing wash n go’s with their products and by using the Deva Curl methods.  I sat intrigued and engrossed as they turned out head after head of beautiful curly hair.  I also learned two new words; noodling and scrunching along with how to perfect a wash n go style.


I was a born again fan and couldn’t wait to try their techniques in my salon on my naturally curly clients.  The products are made with all natural ingredients and they smell amazing.   I made my usually trip to CosmoProf and loaded up on my Deva curl products and I bought a small container of Heaven in Hair deciding to just give it a try.


A week later I had a client who was in dire need of a deep conditioner treatment so I whipped out my Heaven In Hair and commenced to giving her the treatment. First off I was surprised (pleasantly I might add) at how little of the product I actually needed to cover her hair; secondly how easily it spread on her hair and lastly how amazing it smelled.  Clean and refreshing are the words that I would use to describe the smell.

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I placed a cap on the clients head and out her under the dryer for twenty minutes. The time expired and I rinsed her out with cold water and received another surprise….her hair was shinning.  I mean her hair looked vibrant and alive!!  I was hooked!  I couldn’t believe the haul that I received from this product, even the client commented on the shine. Her hair was easy to comb and it turned out amazing. Yep!  Deva Curl just made it get REAL in my salon! Thanks Deva Curl!!!!!


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