For Real Girl Regimen Step 3

The next step in the For Real Girl Regime is to seal the hair.  The reason we seal the hair is to trap in moisture and all of the other goodies that your conditioner of choice has provided.  The proper way to seal is to coat the hair with oil or butter.  I use Jojoba oil when sealing my hair at home but in the shop I use my Shea butter mixture to seal my clients hair. The recent debate has been the use of Shea Butter as a sealer and not as a moisturizer, however I have received feedback from my clients that when the coat the hair and scalp with my Shea Butter mixture their hair is moisturized for three to four days and eliminates the need for them to reapply any type of hair product.


The reason we seal the hair is to not only trap in moisture but to also protect it from the external elements that your hair comes in contact with. The sealing of the cuticles protects it from smoke, pollution, pollen, sun damage and any other external force that deposits itself onto your cuticle.  The sealing of your hair’s  cuticles can only be successful if they are rinsed with cold water and allowed to close properly.  The cuticle when raised allows everything that touches it to become absorbed within its layers



Top Photo – Raised Cuticle

Bottom Photo – Closed Cuticle

I never rinse my hair or my clients hair with warm water because if the cuticles don’t close properly I know that could spell trouble the next time they sit in my chair.  The things that their hair absorbed between visits will have to be dealt with and removed which means that it may take more muscle power to thoroughly cleans the hair and they may have to sit under the steamer a little longer.  It all depends on how their  hair feels when I begin the session.   The energy that I put into sealing their cuticles is far less than the energy that I put in to correct the error from taking a short cut.   I believe that is well worth it to do my clients hair right the first time versus dealing with shortcut mishaps at the next visit.


Happy Naturals!!

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