The love/hate relationship that we have with straight hair is one that does not seem to be letting up.  We spend tons of money and hours in a salon to get that crisp oh so straight look regardless of how curly our hair is in its original state.  I remember sitting on the floor of our living room as a little girl while my mom pressed my hair with a hot comb.  I would stare in the mirror after she was done at my long beautiful straight hair.

straightning comb

Then I remembered my first relaxer.  A straightening comb was also used in this process as well.  It wasn’t until I became a young adult that I realized that I did not need chemicals to straighten my hair out…now granted I continued to get relaxers and applied unnecessary heat to my hair to get the straightest hair possible.  I can still hear the sizzle of the hot comb as my mom put a Vigorol relaxer onto my deep waves to straighten them out…#whatwasshethinking.


The love affair with straight hair continues today and we still spend hours at the salon, applying relaxers, keratin treatments, saran wrap or whatever we think will help us to maintain straight hair…Did you know that the hair care industry has began to demand tools that help us maintain our clients straight hair without damaging it?  The emergence of blow dryers and curling irons that protect our hair while providing heat are slowly hitting the market and I for one can do the happy dance just thinking about it.


The key things to look for when you are purchasing heat styling appliances are:

IONIC – Ionic hair appliances are designed to  use the power of negative ions  to break up water molecules on the surface of the hair shaft into smaller components; which allows water molecules to evaporate more easily.


TOURMALINE:  Tourmaline hair appliances are ionic-ceramic combinations that contain 100% crushed tourmaline minerals, which provide the extra benefit of constantly emitting infrared heat to hair particles from within. The benefit is that hair is less damaged because more heat is rendered in the shaft than on the surface. Tourmaline is a natural occurring


FAR INFRARED RAY:  The use of FIR in heated hair appliances provide healthy heating to preserve moisture in the hair and revitalize the scalp.The ray penetrate to the center of hair and heats the hair inside out allowing for faster drying while invigorating the scalp, increasing blood flow, improving hair texture and promoting new hair growth.


The ideal heating appliance would have a combination of all three technologies for optimal performance however choose what is important to you and what you can live with…




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