How Clean Thou Art

The practice of cleaning your hair or shampooing has been one of great debate in the natural hair arena.  The argument that you should not shampoo because it strips your hair of all of its natural oils is the argument that those in favor of co-washing uses and you need to shampoo your hair to get rid of product build up is heard from those who are proponents of shampooing.  The debate rages on and those that are on either side of the argument refuses to budge on their stance.


Regardless of where you stand the fact remains that:

1.  Your hair will always produce sebum as long as you live;
2.  Sebum provides moisture and waterproofs your hair and skin;
3.  The hair can only hold so much moisture; the more porous the more it holds
4.  The continued addition of product to the hair will weigh it down and cause it to break
5.  Too much product will cause your hair to look dull and loose its shine
6.  Too much product causes the hair to be resistant to styling
7.  The elements cause dirt, grime and build up on your hair daily
8.  Pollutants like cigarette smoke, pollution, grease etc deposits on the hair every time you come into contact with it


The point is that your hair does need to be shampooed; cleaned, stripped or whatever term you want to use for removing dirt grime and residue from your day to day activities.  The hair is constantly being weighed down by the deposits and depending on the elements it is being dried out, rained upon and more.  We have to think logically when it comes to our hair and treat it with the love and respect that reflects the head of hair that we want to see when we look in the mirror.


The Shampoo Process:
Saturate your hair with warm water to open the hair follicles (make sure the water is not too hot because it could burn the scalp)
Pour  shampoo into your hands, rub them together and apply to your hair in a downard motion until your hair begins to lather.
Pour a second dose of shampoo into your hands, rub them together and apply to your hair in a downward motion until your hair begins to lather.
Squeeze excess water from your hair


The Conditioning ProcessPour conditioner into your hands, rub them together, and apply conditioner to your hair in a downward motion.
As you are distributing the conditioner use your fingers to remove tangles from  your hair.
Rinse with cold water to close the hair shaft and close the cuticles.


I personally believe in shampooing and shampoo my hair once a week along with conditioning.  I also use my For Real Girl Shea butter mixtures to add additional moisture when needed.  I have basically stuck to the same hair care regimen that I established when I began my natural hair journey.  I will be celebrating my 3rd natural birthday in July and the only change that I have made in my regimen is the addition of vitamins that are designed to promote hair growth.  I am a firm believer that if it aint broke; don’t fix it however if your current regimen is not working then you may need to fine tune it.

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