Juicing – What is it good for!!

Juicing…. What is it good for?


 I have recently become a fan of juicing.   The juicer that sat idly by in the corner of my living in room in its brightly decorated box was dusted off and brought to life.  I learned that it is one of the best ways to get your recommended dose of fruits and vegetables and that it is absorb quickly by the body.  The reality is that by the time you mix up a 8 oz glass of juice you have exceeded the recommended dose of fruits and veggies which is a definite plus for your body! The benefits of juicing can be distributed to your skin, hair, scalp and internal organs.  Did I mention that it also gives you a “energy” boost as well!!



The latest craze of juicing is taking on a life of its own.  The juicers are out en masse with claims of manufactures touting that their juicer is the latest and greatest of its kind. The juicing nation consists of those that juice everything that is edible and then there are those that only want to juice what they like.  There are those that attempt to heavily recruit their family and friends and then there are those that just want to keep it to themselves.   Regardless of which you category you fall into there are a few things that you should know to help your juicing venture reap the maximum benefits.





Although you may think that juicing is super quick and easy, you are right to some degree however you must put some thought into what you juice and how you combine your drinks.  Did you know that not all fruits could be juiced or all fruits and vegetable peels are not meant to be tossed into the juicer??!!  The best juices are those that are created with a purposed.  The juice that is just thrown together may not taste all that great and juices with mostly fruits contain a lot of unneeded sugar.



The best fruit juices to make are those that contain most vegetables.  The addition of fruits should be used to add sweetness to your juice.  The best type fruits and vegetables to buy are organic when juicing.  Although the organic fruits and vegetables are considered to be safer you should still use a vegetable brush to remove excess dirt.  If you can’t afford all organic fruits and vegetables there are some that you shouldn’t think twice about purchasing organic due to the high concentration of pesticides.  Check out the link below to get a detailed list of fruits and vegetables that should be purchased in organic form.




My last trip to the scale since I began juicing shows that I have dropped three pounds with just making that one simple change…I can only imagine my success once I added an effective exercise regimen to the mix.  Happy Juicing!!








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