Kinkabands – An Afro Puffs Best Friend!!

The Afro puff is a signature style for most naturals with type 3 and 4 hair. It is a quick and simple style that you can use to stretch the the wear of a twist out, braid out or just wear from scratch.

I know that you are also aware that this style comes with its drawbacks because it is known to cause damage to your edges due to the tightening of the bands that some use to secure the hair.  The other draw back is that the elastic bands tend to cause your puff to draw up with the least sudden move, so although you started out with a large puff that morning you may have a small one by the end of your day.

I have the solution for you.  Are you ready for it?  Kinkabands.  Yep you read it right. I have the best Kinkabands maker there is.  Her name is Katrina and the name of her business is Kinkabands by Katrina.  She makes the bands by  hand and sells them for 10.00 which is minimal compared to the benefits that you get by wearing her bands.

Katrina’s Kinkabands delivers:

  • The band does not slip so your big puff stays big!
  • The elastic bands do not revert to a smaller size so there is no danger of damaging your edges due to tension.
  • The bands remain intact so you don’t have to deal with evening headaches!
  • The product is made by hand and with quality materials so breaking is not the norm ( I can’t tell you how many hair accessories that i have purchased that broke while in my hair)
  • They are cute and stylish and you can even buy matching earrings to go with your Kinkabands.

So Naturalistas if you at looking for a safe and effective hair accessory that won’t damage your hair  but will keep your puff  in tact, check out Kinkabands by Katrina @
Happy Naturals!!!


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