Natural Girls Can & Do Workout

I have come to realize that having natural hair is only part of the equation when it comes to walking the Natural Journey.  I am amazed and thrilled at how much I have become aware of the inner workings of it all. I can’t see how you can make a positive change to your hair without it having a domino effect.  I find it hard to be comfortable with loving my  hair in such a way that it gets to a healthier state while ignoring the fact that I should be doing the same thing for my body.  I have been saying no promising myself that I was going to get back in shape all the while still indulging in foods that only added pounds to my weight and inches to my waist.

I was an avid exerciser back in the late nineties and i was a svelte size 8.  I could wear anything and it looked good on me.   I would hit the gym four to five times a week and I must confess that it felt good.  I realize that a major change in my life is what caused me to put the pounds back on and that I was quite comfortable doing nothing but going to work everyday and coming home to my couch.  As I said walking this natural journey will make you realize the importance of a healthy you that compliments your healthy hair.


I talk to many women on a regular basis and our discussion encompasses hair for the most part but there are a few that delve into exercise, diet and lifestyle while sitting in my chair.  I have some who work out on a constant basis and look to me for ideas on how to preserve their hair, and then there are some that say that they would work out but chose not to because they sweat a lot while exercising .  The one thing that I do know is that exercise and working out has started to make a permanent place in the lives of women who rock their natural tresses.  I have countless feeds on my For Real Girl page on Facebook of ladies with and without natural hair encouraging others to work out and posting thirty day challenges on their pages.  I have posted two of my favorites for you to check out.

I want to also address the hair issues that women face with working out.  I would say that the best hairstyles to wear while working out would be protective styles, such as cornrows, braids, weaves, and two strand twists and although that may help you to keep your style intact it still won’t stop the serious workout from producing sweat in your hair or from running down your face.  I also realize that not all natural hair sisters wear protectective styles on a regular, so what do you do?  I am so glad you asked because I have the solution for you, thanks to the Nappturalite Radio Show Podcasts that aired April 30, 2013, who just happened to have Nicole Ari Parker as one of their featured guest.  Apparently Nicole Ari Parker is the brains behind the Save Your Do Gym Wrap. The Save Your Do Gym Wrap is touted to wick away mositure, keep your hair in place, and to release heat from your hair.  The patent for the wrap is pending, the cost is 24. 95  but if it works like it supposed to, then count me in….


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