Natural Hair Harmony

I had a conversation with one of my client’s about establishing a hair care regimen that she could do at home between her shop visits.  She wanted to be able to care for her hair when she chose a style that expired before she was able to return. 
Salt & Pepper Hair

I recommended that she use some of the same products that I currently used on her hair since we already knew what worked well on her hair and what did not.  I was happy that my client decided to bite the bullet and purchase the products  so that we could create a beautiful harmony while the both of us cared for her hair.

IMG_2532Natural Hair TWA

I wish that were the story with all of my clients but I its not.  I have clients that unfortunately can’t afford to come to the shop and purchase professional products for home use.

IMG_2979Twist Out On Natural Hair

I also have clients that can afford to purchase the products but lack the time.  The lifestyle of these clients are borderline hectic and they sometimes have to make an appointment to breathe.

 IMG_4073Silk Out on Natural Hair

The other clients can afford to purchase products but don’t trust their abilities to recreate the same look that I do or capture the best hair possible. The stress and disappointment of a hairstyle gone bad is real.

The Natural Hair Care Specialist in me would love to capture everyone up and deposit them into my hair safety bonnet. I would then begin to  cure all of their hair woes.  The thought is nice, however that will only happen in my dreams so I will make a few suggestions below.

IMG_5303Silk Out On Natural Hair

Expense – If you can’t afford to purchase professional products ask your Natural Hair Care professional to recommend something comparable. 

Time – Opt for a deep conditioner or hydration treatment during visits. I have clients that swear by them citing it helps them to manage their hair and helps retain moisture.

Process– Consult with your Natural Hair Care professional for advice, tips and pointers; write it down.

Practice  – If you practice something enough you will master it.


 IMG_1102Flat Twists and Puff on Natural Hair

I realize that as a Natural Hair Care Specialist there are some things that my clients just won’t get the hang of or ever learn to master however I am an open door for my clients.  My clients may enter anytime and I welcome the opportunity to help, assist and educate. Got challenges?  Feel free to comment below.


Happy Naturals


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