It Does Not Meet Expecations

I just came home from attending the CosmoProf hair expo in Charlotte, NC.  The event is a yearly occurrence and it attracts licensed beauty professionals  from far and near.  The Convention center is packed with stylist sporting hair styles that range from subtly creativity to outlandishly creative.  The  excitement can be felt the minute you step in the door to get your badge and “It’s A 1″ free product bag. The big question asked by many “what will we learn that we didn’t already know” will soon be answered and we will all leave with knowledge packed minds.

The classes for the most part are covered under the admission fee however there is one paid class that you can purchase which is usually taught by the creme d la creme in the industry.  The paid class this year was taught by Beth Minardi; you know queen of hair color.  Ms. Minardi made a name for herself by working for top beauty industry companies and by becoming the best when it comes to hair color.  I was extremely excited to be able to sit in this class as I anticipated the questions that I would ask Ms. Minardi in the event that she did not cover it in her classroom presentation.   I figured that she would come out and teach us some tips, tricks and give us some of her best practices when it came to coloring hair.  I also believed that she would help me understand the mystery of coloring hard to color hair and cover up those pesky grays along with other morels of hair color education.

The class was far from what I imagined or expected that it would be; there were no ah ha moments for me and I quickly forgot my questions as it became apparent that this would not be an unveiling of hair color best practices or any of its secrets.  The class was simply a question and answer forum with Ms. Minardi sharing some of her hair color formulas that was put on her models hair during the class using her brand of hair color.  The concept of a question and answer class is okay if it is one that is covered under the cost of admission and it is stated in the class description, however it is not okay when it is charged separately thereby raising attendee expectation.  The attendees should be given option to chose whether or not they want to pay money to hear other people questions and if they want to invest in a  product without receiving all of the necessary information about said product.    The only feedback that I can give (although we were not asked or given a survey) is that I wasn’t impressed at all.

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