Oh No You Didn’t!!


As I continue on my journey of enjoying my natural hair freedom, I am continually learning that the shortest route is not always the best route, what works for someone else may not work for me and education is vital to a successful journey.  I am going to share with you three things that I have learned and have to continue to remind myself while walking.


Lesson Number 1

Wrap it Up and Sleep Tight

The nights that I would forgo wrapping my hair in my satin bonnet and sleep on a cotton pillow because I was too tired and too LAZY caused me great regret the morning after.  The slight to my hair caused me to have to detangle, apply more product and get attempt to salvage my current hairstyle, therefore negating a good washday.


Lesson Number 2

Never Skimp on your Regimen

I started out washing my hair once a week on Saturday.  The thing that I did not anticipate on was LIFE….it happens and soon my perfectly scheduled Saturday wash day turned elusive.  I tried to stick to the same day but to do that I would skimp on my regimen.  I would omit a leave in or not do a scalp massage or not seal my hair.  The thing that I didn’t realize is that my hair was used to those steps and I just didn’t get the same results from my hair or style when I missed a step. 


Lesson Number 3

Not Everything is for Everybody

I would spend hours pouring over YouTube videos, reading hair care books at the beginning of my journey.   I would get elated thinking that I would get the same results and that my style would turn out the same as the vLogger or the author of the current book that I was reading.  I know that you can imagine my surprise when I realized that I wasn’t going to get the same results because I didn’t have the same hair as they did nor would my hair conform to something that it wasn’t meant to do.



1.     Purchase more than one silk scarf; leave one beside your bed for easy access on those nights that you are dog-tired.

2.     Purchase a satin pillowcase for added protection in the event your scarf comes off or you skip the satin scarf.

3.     Establish a hair care regimen that you can adhere to.

4.     Be flexible with your washday; instead of washing a specific day chose to wash when you can give the time needed to complete your regimen on a weekly basis.

5.     Learn your hair and know what works for it.  It is okay to try different products and regimens however keep a journal and track your successes and failures for later reference. 

What are some of the things that you have learned along your journey that caused you to change your walk today?  Do Share in the comments section below or forrealgirl@me.com

Happy Naturals

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