Product Review – Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretchting Cream

I was excited when I found out that Design Essentials had a Natural Hair Care Line.  I was searching for a professional product that I could use in my shop to give me versatility and exceptional results on my tightly coiled clients.  I purchased several of the Design Essential products at a hair show in Charleston, SC and couldn’t wait to use them.  The Design Essentials distributor in the area had a stylist that was using the products on a model and answered any questions that was asked of them.  I was confident that I had found my dream product for my clients with tightly coiled hair and if all went well I would add this as one of my staple products.


The first product that I decided to try from my score was the Design Essentials Curl Stretching Cream on a client that had tightly coiled hair.  She wanted her curls elongated to show length, and the product was “ideal” for her hair type.  I watched the videos on the DE website to make sure that I knew the correct process.  I applied the product as directed, placed the client under the dryer for one hour.   At the one hour mark I could still see white residue on my clients hair although it was 75% dry.  I added an additional thirty minutes to the dryer and left my client to finish the drying process.   At the end of the drying session I could still small white specs from the product on my clients hair and the hair did not have any shine to it; I had to apply Jojoba oil to her hair to get shine.  The product did not dry clear on the clients hair and her curls did not show length.  The client was not satisfied or happy with the results and neither of us could see any elongation of her curls.

eco styler argan

The results that I received with the Design Essentials Curl Stretching Cream pales in comparison to what I received on this clients hair using Eco Styler Gel.  The Eco Styler Gel does not leave a white residue on the hair and after setting the client under the dryer the hair comes out with a nice shine to it using Eco Styler Gel.  I have since gone back to using Eco Styler Gel on this clients hair however I am unsure as to what to do with the unopened container of Design Essentials Curl Stretching Cream that I recently purchase… :(


I was still optimist about the Design Essential Natural Hair Care line because that was just one client and I was sure that the next time would bring better results.  The next client that I used this product on had a looser curl pattern and she wanted to get a twist out but wanted elongation of her hair.  I applied the product to my clients wet hair along with the Design Essentials twist and set lotion before twisting the hair.  I sat the client under the dryer for one hour and set about doing other things while she dried.  At the one hour mark the client was still damp which is normal for this client but there was still a lot of the product still on her hair that had not dissolved.  I added another hour to the clients drying time and was optimistic that the clients hair would come out picture perfect and that her hair would show length when the twists were removed.  I removed the client from the dryer and began to unwrap the twists.  My clients hair was dull and did not have any shine to it.  The elongation of her hair was also absent.  I was truly disappointed with the results that I received with this product again.


The reality to this is that I should have stuck with the product that I used on this clients hair prior to using the Design Essentials Curl Stretching cream.  I had previously styled this clients hair in two strand twists and set them on spiral rods but the product that I used during this visit was Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream.  The product not only elongated my clients hair but it gave her hair a beautiful sheen as well.  I guess the saying is that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it resonates loud and clear.  I have decided to add a photo of the two clients that I used the product on however their hair was not photographed with the Design Essentials product results because I was not pleased.


The clients hair was styled using Eco Styler Gel and Slick It to smooth down the front of the hair.

The clients hair was styled using Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Creme.

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