Product Review: NuNAAT – The Real Me Curl to Coil Collection

I received a complimentary set of products from NuNATT  called Real Me Curl-to-Coil collection in exchange for a product review.  I will review each product individually so that you will know what each product is designed to do and how it worked on my hair.    The first thing that I can say about this collection is that it smells AMAZING!!  I totally love the way that it smells and it literally lights up the room.


Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo – The shampoo smelled amazing  and lathered up really well.  I did not have to use a lot of the shampoo to clean my hair, as a matter of fact the bottle is still almost full.  As for the cleaning properties of the shampoo it does a great job in cleaning the hair.  It does not dry the hair out and it is not harsh on your strands.  The shampoo has a great feel and texture to it and applies easily to the hair.


 Real Moisture Conditioner – The conditioner was thick and creamy which caused it to apply to the hair easily. It coated the strands well and it restored some of the moisture to my hair.  I didn’t find anything negative about the conditioner  however I would rate it about the same as any other conditioner that I used…The difference between this conditioner and any other that I have used is that this one smells totally AMAZING!!


BLAST of Shine Hair Mask – LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff! The Hair Mask is the BOMB!! It coats the hair evenly and the thick consistency of the product makes sure that it does not miss any of your strands.  I did leave the mask on a little longer than instructed but I did not find any negative impact in doing so.  I would definitely purchase the Hair Mask for personal use and to use in my shop on my clients.    In my honest opinion they could remove the conditioner from the line and add the Hair Mask instead and it would pack just as big a punch! Did I mention that it smells Amazing!!


Natural Curl Activator – Drumroll please……stop the presses, get off the bus, take a seat or just standstill because this product is the! I have never had a product to curl my hair as effectively as this product did.  If you follow my posts you know  that I don’t have naturally curly hair and it takes a lot to get the curls that I wasn’t born with.  I did not have to put forth nearly as much effort with nuNATT’s curl activator.  It was amazing at how my hair literally curled up with a small application of the curl activator.  I am sold on this product and anytime I want to wear a wash and nuNATT’s curl activator will be the product that I use to get them…


Pick Me Up Sheen – The oil sheen is awesome. I used it with the product line and alone because it does give you a nice sheen. The product is not heavy and it spreads evenly on the hair.  I will definitely use this sheen and recommend it to friends and family…

Perfect Do Pomade – I have used a variety of pomades and this one is definitely different.  I loved the way that it goes on and how it tames the edges.  It does not lay them down hard or make them stiff; simply put the pomade provides moisture to the hair and it makes it look nourished and like the rest of your hair. It really does eliminate the dry hard edges that we too often experience.  The pomade is definitely something that you would use if you want your edges to look good but not with the hard stiff feeling.


My overall assessment of nuNAATS Real Me Curl to Coil collection is a good one.  The products do deliver and they smell AMAZING!!  I would recommend this collection to those that experience dry hair or hair that is hard to managed.  I did find that my hair was easier to style and I actually had curl definition.  If you haven’t tried nuNATT’s Real Me Curl to Coil collection please go out and give it a try!!  The photo below shows my hair before using nuNatt (see the non existent curls) The top photos are pics of my hair after using the nuNAAT Real Me Collection..I’m a believer!!

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