Running Out of Time – Hairstyling Tips

The task of looking good and always having your hair on point is one that we as women take seriously.  We spend hours prepping our hair on the night before in hopes that we will have beautiful hair in the morning.   We still have our life demands that we must fulfill on a daily basis but somewhere in between all of our responsibilities lies the need to groom and care for our hair.  We are often in need of and seek hair styling tips and tricks that will allow us to look fabulous while maximizing our time.

Natural Short Curly HairI have seen countless cartoons floating around Instagram (frgnaturals), Facebook (For Real Girl)  and Twitter (@forrealgirl2011) regarding how long it takes to undo braids for braid outs or twists for twist outs and just getting your hair styled in general.  We look at the perfectly styled hair in pictures with googley eyes while sighing because we realize that we don’t have time to spend on the perfect hair do in the morning.  It is during these times that we don a wig, scarf or hat to hide our lack of attention to our hair.  I ran across an article on hair styling tips that will help to  cut down on your morning  styling routine

Naturally Curly Hair

Frizz Free Curls: Apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair and comb through to ends. Add two pigtails and dived ends into three sections; create pin curls with loose ends; secure with bobby pin.  In the morning remove pigtails and style.  You can find more ideas on Frizz free curls at

Naturally Curly Short HairBraid Out  Refresher: Apply mousse to wet hair from roots to ends;  Create two pigtails;  braid ends wrapping them around the pig

tail.  In the morning unwind braids; remove pig

tails, shake, pat and go!

Curly Natrual HairBig Hair:
Spritz volumizing spray onto wet hair; wrap in a bun on top of your head; secure with bobby pins.  Place on your satin bonnet or cap. In the morning remove bun, shake, and go!

Braid Out on Natural HairBlow Out:  Pull wet hair into a ponytail and apply silk cap or scarf.  The next morning blow dry on lowest setting.  This takes less time and adds volume.

Flat Iron Refresher: Begin by straighting the strands that fame your face to give your hair a fresh look.  The rest of the hair remains untouched but only you will know. 

Relaxed HairSleek ponytail: A ponytail done right screams sophistication.  Create a side part; gather hair back; apply a touch of hairspray to control flyaway strands and secure with a ouch less band; apply more hairspray if needed.

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