Scalp Love is Hair Love

The concept of having beautiful health hair is often elusive to some because they don’t realize that you must start at the core of the hair.  The fact that the industry rakes in over 9 billion dollars supports the fact that we like to spend big money in our quest of getting our hairstyle just right or investing in hair products that promise healthy beautiful hair.  The thing that we don’t realize is that a lot of our efforts time and money is lost because we overlook the obvious…our scalp. The scalp can become dehydrated, compacted with dirt, damaged by environmental elements, stressed, dry, or inflamed due to the scalp not being properly maintained.


In order for your hair to grow the scalp must be given the same love and attention that you give your hair.  The scalp creates the environment for the hair to grow but it can’t do its job if it is dry, inflamed or stressed.  The scalp must be kept clean, free of harmful products, cared for with the right tools and it can’t be clogged.  In theory your scalp is a large skin cell and like other parts of our body it has to be cared for and protected.


The next time you visit your natural hair salon, treat yourself to a scalp treatment which is usually in the form of brown sugar or oatmeal to remove dead skin, flakes, dandruff and product build up. The correctly formulated ACV rinse will also remove build up, dead skin, dandruff and flakes as well.  The benefits of adding steam to your hair care regiment opens up blocked pores, allows the scalp to purify and release toxins and improves the elasticity (the ability of your hair strand to be stretched without breaking) of the hair. The addition of these treatments equates to giving your scalp a facial and builds the foundation for healthy beautiful hair to grow. 


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