Silver and Gray!!!!!

Did you know that given time everyone will have gray hair in life?  The actual time that your hair begins to gray is determined by genetics.   The fact that your hair is graying is not always related to age because some people begin to gray in their tens or early twenties.  The early graying process is called premature graying, while others may not see graying until their mid fifties.  I recently had the pleasure of styling the hair of a sixteen year old who had several gray hairs adorning her tresses.


The initial color of the hair is white; everyone’s hair starts out this way.  The hair follicles contain “melanocytes” which is what gives our hair its color.  The easiest way to understand how your hair is colored the way it is would be the darker the hair color the more melanin while the lighter the hair color the less melanin is present.


The facts regarding gray hair and its origin are well know facts however there are certain things that can and do accelerate the graying process.  The things that are know to speed up the process is smoking, Anemia, poor nutrition, insufficient B vitamins, and untreated thyroid conditions.  If you have any of these conditions present then it is save to surmise that your graying process will accelerate.

All is not lost if you have gray hair; in fact for those that chose to embrace their salt and pepper look don’t give a second thought to their hair unless something goes wrong and their beautiful gray has a greenish tent to it or becomes unmanageable.   The other downside to having gray hair is that it can be resistant to the hair coloring process.  The remedy for the greenish tint on gray hair is to use a shampoo that is formulated for silver hair, Shimmering Lights and Matrix So Silver are popular rands used by stylists.


The most difficult hair to color is gray hair due to the coarseness of the hair, however it can be done.  The best type of color to use for complete coverage is permanent however if it is your first time a demi permanent color may be the best route.  The color selection for gray hair should be to focus on one that has some gold or red tones in it while darker colors will stand out more and ashe colors will not cover the gray alone.  The other rule of thumb for coloring grey hair is to leave the treatment on for up to forty five minutes and start with the most resistant gray areas first.


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