The For Real Girl Regimen – Step 1

Recently I have posted pics on my Facebook page (For Real Girl), Instagram (frgnaturals) and Twitter (@forrealgirl2011) showing the growth that my clients have achieved by using the For Real Girl Regimen.  I didn’t really think that it was a regimen only that it is what i recommended for them along with how I treated their hair during their shop visits.  I guess in theory it is a regimen seeing that it is practiced on a regular basis using specific instructions.  I instruct my clients to set aside one day a week to be their “Wash Day” The regimen is meant to aid in hair growth and help you to retain the monthly growth that you see during your normal hair growth cycle.  Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Shampoo your hair weekly.  The shampoo process consists of three stages.

1. Breakdown product build up
2. Remove product build up
3.  Clean scalp and hair


I use Paul Mitchell’s Clarifying Shampoo in the first two stages and then follow up with All Nutrients Hydrating shampoo to begin putting the moisture back into the hair.


I know that a lot of people don’t believe in shampooing the hair or if they shampoo they use a sulfate free product.  Although I don’t have anything against Sulfate free shampoos and believe that they can be used in between your normal wash day.  The hair needs to be cleansed of the product buildup that has accumulated, environmental damage, smoke and any other element that has come in contact with the hair.


A Clarifying Shampoo is designed to break down and remove any product that has accumulated in the hair.  The shampoo does strip the hair which is what it is designed to do however the building process for replacing the oils, vitamins and nutrients needed for your hair can begin with the third shampoo. The best shampoo’s to use for the third wash is a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo as they are designed to replace moisture and replenish the oil in your hair.

A clean scalp is the optimal environment for promoting hair growth and clean hair reflects light better and does not have a dull appearance.  It moves freely and gives the appearance of a healthy head of hair.  I have performed this step on everyone that has visited my shop and I have not had one complaint or any adverse reactions to date.

FRG Method – 3 years and growing!!

Happy Naturals!!

For Real Girl


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