The For Real Girl Regimen – Step 2

The second step in the FRG Regimen is Conditioning.  The conditioning process is used to repair or fix the hair from any mishaps that may have occurred due to over styling , over processing, chemical additions etc.  The fact that conditioners are the most important step in the hair care regimen if you are trying to repair damage is the most important one and sometimes the motivating factor. I use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Conditioners in my salon for deep conditioning treatments.


The other fact is that there are all kinds of conditioner and they all per from a range of actions that is based solely on the need of the person’s hair. The act of choosing a conditioner is more than just picking up a bottle it begins with assessing your hair needs and proceeding from that point. The hair that is dry would benefit from a moisturizing or hydrating conditioner since the conditioner is water based and designed to help maintain the moisture balance in the hair.  The person that owns  protein deficient hair would benefit from selecting a protein conditioner which is designed to strengthen the hair and helps to bind and smooth out the hair shaft by filling in in the strands that are damaged (shrinkage may be evident because the strands are bonded together.  If your hair is severely damaged then a conditioner that reconstructs the hair would be your best bet. I tend to use a reconstructing conditioner when I am servicing a client that begins her transitioning journey from relaxed to natural hair.


I recommend that the hair is conditioned once a week after the shampooing process while deep conditioning should be performed bi weekly.  I advise clients to alternate between conditioning and deep conditioning in their regimen.   The correct way to apply conditioner to the hair is to pour it into your hands and rub it to bring the temperature of the product up a little (remember, the application of a cold liquid closes the cuticles).  A deep conditioner is a great way to open the cuticles of our hair and deposit moisture and restore the hair’s elasticity.  Deep conditioning not only repair the cuticle but it also makes the hair soft, shiny and manageable (client testimony)  The deep conditioning treatment is performed by applying conditioner, covering head with a plastic cap and sitting under a dryer or steamer for twenty minutes.  The hair is then rinsed and blotted with a microfiber towel to remove excess water.


The implementation of deep conditioning will start to pay off and you should begin to see changes in your hairs look, feel and manageability after the third deep conditioning treatment (client feedback).

4 months of using the FRG Regimen #growth



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