The Natural Hair Evolution – What Others Are Saying

The natural hair evolution is growing by leaps and bounds!  We are embracing our hair, loving who we are and taking no mind over what others have to say about our luscious kinkiness!  All should be right with the world as the elements are in synch and our new found freedom is hurting no one.  The quest for knowledge and information about our hair, the care, and what our next style should be are the all consuming elements of our evolution so we trudge onward oblivious to the storm that is brewing over the river!!


The workshop phase of the Premier Orlando International Beauty event was definitely well worth the money.  I learned so many things, tips, tricks, how to improve your business and what other people are saying in the industry.  The opportunity to sit in with other stylist proved to be the biggest benefit of all.  The privilege of hearing how they Natural Hair evolution is impacting the hair care industry and the bottom line of those that have built their empire on providing chemical services to clients was definitely an eye opening experience.



I heard a range of comments and saw some Natural Hair Care Stylist walk out of sessions that they were well within their rights to participate in but due to the heated and passionate expressions of some of the workshop facilitators, they were not inclined to patronize them with their presence.  I on the other had took out my pen and paper and began to jot down what they were saying, teaching, and selling…


The biggest push for the industry is to get Natural Hair Care professionals to offer chemical services by proclaiming that the bigest money makers for the salon is the three c’s affectionately know as Chemical, Color & Cutting services.  They (chemical manufacturers and stylists)  believe that Natural Hair Care professionals are tied to their chair and have no opportunity to do anything other than groom their clients hair; therefore they are encouraging us to offer chemical services to our clients such as texturizuers.


The chemical services manufacturers  are challenging the Natural Hair Care professional to answer the question “How can I make more money in less time”? The selling point to this statement was that on relaxed hair you can do a roller set in fifteen minutes and then have the client out of your chair and under the dryer to perform your next service.  They believe that if they talk dollars and cents to us that we will see the value of money and not that of watching our clients walk out with beautiful long hair.


The statement that there is no such thing as “healthy hair” because the elements contaminate hair is another selling point that they use to make our natural hair stance invalid. The elements, such as wind, rain, sunshine and pollution are blamed for our not having healthy hair and stylists who have been using relaxers for years are now labeled as “untrained”.  The same manufacturers that sell relaxers to the untrained stylists still need them to promote their products.


The chemical manufacturers want to take away our beliefs that natural hair is the way to go.  They don’t want us to believe that   our hair grows because we have created a healthy environment for it to grow that consists of the elimination of relaxers, the addition of a solid hair care regimen, and  the inclusion of all natural hair care products for grooming and maintenance. They don’t want to give credit to all of the natural hair wearers statement that their hair is in a much better state since giving up relaxers.



The industry has also gone as far as to say that there are some styles that people with Natural Hair just can not wear because there is nothing that will make natural hair lay down.  They are trying to come up with hairstyles that we can not mimic or recreate with natural hair in an effort to lure us away from what we have embraced as our identity back to a environment that dictates what we do to our hair and how we wear it.The workshop facilitators never asked why I chose to go natural or why I chose to become a Natural Hair care stylist, they only saw me as one of the many threats to their bottom line.






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