The Natural Hair Movement

I just read a report that stated that relaxer sales are down 26% and I participated in a Webinar where the facilitator stated that someone goes “natural” everyday.  I am elated with the report of relaxer sales going down and ecstatic that someone goes natural every day.  A person would look at those statistics and surmise that the natural hair movement is growing by leaps and bounds.  The person may also think that Natural Hair Stylist appointments are overflowing  and they are busier than they could ever imagine, however that is far from the truth.  The truth of the matter is that the natural hair community is a small community. We are often our own biggest cheerleaders and look to each other for motivation, support and confidence.


The sale of relaxers have gone down however the campaign to get stylist to sell chemical services is huge.  The producers of the creamy crack are not going to just stand by and watch their revenue go out the door. They have reformulated their products, retrained their sales team, the stylists and picked up on their advertising in an effort to show that their product is safe and harmless.   They are out in full force at hair events promoting their product, touting how fast the money will come rolling in if you work a chemical service in between the natural service.  They have data that shows the amount of time that a Natural Hair stylist spends on one client compared to the client that performs chemical services leaves them at a disadvantage when it comes to time management and dollars.


The number of people that seek out a Natural Hair care professional to help them with their natural journey is not very high. The internet often gives information on how to care for your natural hair as well as hair concoctions that you can make yourself.  I can’t help but wonder how many do it yourselfe-rs actually know the structure of the hair, can define the hair growth cycle or know why you shouldn’t use conditioner to clean your hair (because they are not designed to clean the hair).  The natural hair specialist in some cases  has to work log and hard to get the client in the chair and work even harder to keep them.  The natural hair revolution is by far one of the greatest things to happen to our hair however we tend to forget that we don’t have to walk the journey alone or let the internet be our only source of information when it comes to natural hair.


The natural hair community is growing but the fact remains that it is still small.  The members of this community are strong and we are determined to stand together.  We can be seen supporting each others events, reading each others books and promoting each others products.  We are also the ones that are fighting to get the right information, education and knowledge about our hair to our natural hair wearing sisters.  We are the ones that don’t mind going the extra mile for a cause that we believe in.  We set up many social media mediums just to have our voices heard, to empower individuals when it comes to making choices regarding their hair and go into our pockets to host a meetup to talk hair.  We have realized that the faces you see out front today will be branded as the pioneers of the movement ; the one’s who are bravely paving the way for those to come.




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