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The best thing that you can do for your hair is to treat it like a fine piece of fabric when grooming and to treat it like a garden that you are trying to cultivate when it comes to growth.   The fact that we need to change our mindset about our hair should be dealt with first.  We want our hair to look its best and not give us an ounce of trouble while the return we give our hair is to pull, tug, burn, break down the bonds, use harsh gels, sprays and chemicals.  Is it any wonder that our hair seems to be our Achilles heel?hairbreakage2

The first step in winning the battle is to make sure that you have the right tools for grooming your hair. The tools that you use to groom your hair when dry versus wet hair is vastly different.  The tools that you use to soothe a dry itchy scalp should not cause stress or breakage when used.  A wide tooth comb should be used to remove tangles from your hair when wet  , while a  smaller tooth comb should be used for styling. The type of comb you use should allow you to comb your hair with ease, making sure you comb from the ends of the hair toward the scalp.


If you happen to be one that suffers from dry itchy scalp and you just can’t seem to refrain from scratching the best tool for you is a Tangle Teezer  ( or Denman brush (  The brushes are designed to soothe your scalp, lift dandruff and give you the most wonderful massage.  The brushes are also great for removing tangles from  wet or dry hair and will stimulate the scalp which promotes hair growth.


The last item for discussion is heat.  The debate on using heat continues and the opinions of whether to use heat rages on.  As a stylist I have naturally curly hair clients who prefer straight hair, while my straighter hair clientele yearns for curly hair and chose not to apply heat in the hopes of preserving  curls that are few and far between.  The application of heat to your hair along with anything else should be used with caution and care. When blow drying natural hair you should dry using the lowest setting, along with a comb attachment or concentrator.   The ideal process if you use a higher setting is to start off with it high and as the hair dries lower the setting.

misikko hair dryer

The rules for a flat iron is a little different because not all flat irons are created equally not to mention hair types.   While some hair textures require a higher setting due to the coarseness of the hair, the finer hair types will not need as much heat.  A heat protecting serum should be applied to all hair regardless of the type to allow the flat iron to glide easily over the hair and to reduce friction.  The most important thing to note is that healthy hair burns at 451.4 degrees and can be used as a guide to straightening your hair.


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