What’s Really Going On…Seriously

This blog will be a serious that I will blog about the changes that are going on with the evolution of natural hair.  The reality that natural hair is more than a fad or a thing that will pass is beginning to resonate with the hair industry and the product manufacturers are beginning to feel the pinch. I will enlighten you on the discoveries that I made and the changes that natural hair is bringing about…so sit back and enjoy the reading….

premire orlando2

I recently spent a  weekend in Orlando to attend the Premiere Orlando International Hair Event.  It was a weekend that I looked forward to with great anticipation for a few months.    I spent several hours planning my schedule, creating  and revising my agenda because there was so much education being offered.  The show featured three to four pages on what was advertised as Natural Hair classes and you know that I was definitely attending those classes first and foremost.    My husband and I made the eight hour drive, checked in our resort and went off to slumber in anticipation of a vacation for him and a learning expedition for me.

Leroy & Angela

One of the classes that I highlighted on my schedule promised to show how eating healthy, working, out and and looking beautiful all go hand in hand.  The class promised to show how to bring home the bacon and wear heels in the bedroom.  The class was also taught by a prominent maker of hair products and the photos that they used to promote the class would lead one to assume that they were in the natural hair arena.

spike hair style

The classroom was all decked out with the manufacturers products which include a tub of hair relaxer. We were asked to introduce ourselves and tell what we did as it relates to hair.  The class size was about 40/60; 40% natural hair stylists and 60% cosmetologists.  The instructors began the class by giving a brief introduction regarding their product line and informing us that they won 1st place in a hair contest that showed women how to wear a spiked hair style and workout without ruining their hair…the catch…you can only do this with relaxed hair.

relaxerOne of the stylist asked the instructor what steps could she take to achieve this look on her clients who were natural, anti -chemical but wanted to wear the spiked hair style.  I could hear the wind deflate from her sail as the instructors word sank in “you can’t wear this with natural hair, you know natural hair won’t lay down”   I wasn’t surprised to see the young lady gather her things and walk out of the classroom with her head held high.   I didn’t have the heart to stop her nor the nerve to correct the instructor who obviously had no clue about the pomades that I use in my shop to “lay natural hair down” without flaking or hardening.

Hicks edges magazine ad

The instructor went on to say that there are just certain styles that you can’t wear with natural hair and the if you have a client that really wants to wear these styles that you should wear a texturizer to help them to tame their hair. The more the instructor spoke about the benefits of wearing relaxers and the versatility that this gives you with styling options the natural hair care stylist continued to exit.  I didn’t leave…I stayed because I wanted to hear what they were saying and to hear what was really going on in their world.

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